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SSL Switcher

Detects whether SSL is being used and changes the Board URL value accordingly.

Version: 1.1
Author: Tiberius
Submitted: 16th March 2012
Last Updated: 17th February 2013
MyBB does not support access by both HTTP and HTTPS methods at the same time, since the Board URL variable is static. If your default method of access is via HTTP (i.e. non-SSL), then you will run into problems when trying to access the site through HTTPS (i.e. SSL) since all links will be prefixed with http:// and your SSL session will end when you click on them.

This plugin solves that problem by detecting whether an individual connection is coming via SSL, and altering the Board URL variable so that the http:// prefix is replaced with https://.

Note: This plugin is only useful if you want your users to have *both* SSL and non-SSL method available. If you only want one method, just update the Board URL (Settings -> General Configuration) accordingly.