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Spoiler MyCode (No Preload)

Hide your content in posts with spoiler tags.

Version: 1.0
Author: Someone else
Submitted: 17th October 2010
A simple but useful spoiler MyCode for MyBB.

Everything inside the spoiler tags arent shown before a button is clicked and is hidden after the button is clicked again.

Better yet is that everything inside the spoiler tags arent loaded before the button is clicked, and thus it will be perfect for showing off big images.

The spoiler tags style classes are "shead" and "sbody" so you can give them a style that matches your boards style by adding modifying your "global.css" file ("Admin CP>Templates & Style>Themes[theme you want to edit]>global.css").

[spoiler]This isnt shown.[/spoiler]

It also allows users to customize the title of the spoiler:
[spoiler=Custom Title]This isnt shown.[/spoiler]
Some users prefer to write quotation marks around the title and that is fully supported as well:
[spoiler="Custom Title"]This isnt shown.[/spoiler]

Installation is simple due to the MyBB plugin system.
All you have to do is copy the file "spoiler.php" to the folder "inc\plugins" located in you MyBB directory.
Then go to your Administration Control Panel ("Admin CP>Configuration>Plugins>Spoiler MyCode") and activate it.