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Spam Muddler

Scare Spammers away by damaging their Search Engine text link efforts - Works by scrambling their text and links with SEO damaging words.

Version: 1.1
Author: CrossWebDev
Submitted: 12th July 2011
Last Updated: 25th July 2011
Spam Muddler is a small post-parser plugin that "muddles" the display of any post in the forum(s) you have profiled for it.

Original Post with the original Spam before Muddling:

Preview Image 4041

How the post appears once the Spam Muddler is turned on:

Preview Image 4040

Here is what it does: (more word profiling added with version 1.1)

As each Post in the profiled forum is displayed, the Muddler does the following:

* It first goes through and changes all the words in the post (with a blank on both sides) that have 2 to 9 letters in them to words you define in the Administrator Settings for Spam Muddler (defaults defined to words in the garbage handling industry)

* It then goes through looking for all the hyperlinks and changes the "link text" to the word you define in the profile (defaults to the words "Spam Link")

* It skips any words longer than 9 characters or that have some sort of punctuation before, after, or embedded within them. This makes for some somewhat silly reading.

* It does NOT change the actual link addresses that the spammer has put in their post though...


This has the effect that any search engine reading the post will not associate the term "designer shoe sale" with their spammy link address, but instead will associate the term "spam link". Also, the spammer had hoped that all the other text they placed in the post would add a little extra referential linking value to the address, but by changing it to garbage words, it does them no good.

So instead of getting an "associated text" link boost for their web link, they will get penalized by Google and the other search engines.


How to use Spam Muddler most effectively:

1. Designate one forum as the "Spam Graveyard".

2. Make sure it is set to View-only by ALL user groups, including banned groups. We want Google and Bing to see all the damage we've done to their links - and want spammers to know in advance what we will do to them. Make sure that permissions for the forum is set that no-one (except admins and mods) can edit or delete their own posts. We don't want the spammer to be able to undo the damage by removing their post.

3. Install and Activate the Spam Muddler plugin

4. Define the "Spam Graveyard" forum's number in the Spam Muddler settings profile under Admin Control Panel > Settings > Spam Muddler. You can also define alternate "garbage" words and spam link text for the Muddler to use.

5. Whenever spam shows up in one of your forums, move the post to the Spam Graveyard forum (do not copy). You can even set up a custom process in MyBB's Admin > Configuration > Moderator Tools

6. Once the spam is moved to your Graveyard forum, it will be muddled and begin damaging the spammer's web site rankings!

7. (You may also want to ban or limit the poster's posting privs so they can't post any more spam)


Have fun causing damage to spammers! With any luck they'll take your board off their shared list of target sites. If we can get enough MyBB operators to do this maybe we can put some of these spammers out of business!