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Smooth Bars

Smooth colorful userbars. Thin text and modern.

Author: iHydra
Submitted: 5th February 2014
Made these userbars for my personal forum and thought that it made no sense to NOT share it. Made pre-mades(PNG/Transparent) if you cannot modify the PSD(if you don't have photoshop).

PSD will be attached though. Colors can be changed by using the "Colors" layer(Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer).

I'm using Museo Sans which is a paid font so I cannot share that with you.

I'm using 100 weight but 500 weight is free. ^

Do not take credits for the userbars. I made them from scratch, no one else did. You may NOT sell them to others or PROFIT in any way(including links). I'd prefer you share the link to this thread instead of re-uploading the template and posting it yourself. Give me credits, it's the least you can do.

Previews:Preview Image 7004 Preview Image 7005 Preview Image 7006 Preview Image 7007 Preview Image 7008 Preview Image 7009 
Preview Image 7010 Preview Image 7011