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Smilie Groups

With this plugin you can sort your smilies in groups.

Author: Smethead
Submitted: 3rd March 2006
Mod Name: Smilie Groups
-> With this plugin you can sort your smilies in groups.
Author: Smethead ([email protected])
Version: 1.0.2 (May 6th, 2006)
Required: MyBB 1.0x (December 9th, 2005) or higher.
Included Files:
║ ╚═sg_smilies.php
║ ╚═sg.lang.php
║ ╚═sg.lang.php
╠═german (formal)
║ ╚═sg.lang.php
╠═german (informal)
║ ╚═sg.lang.php
• You are able to sort your smilies in groups.
• You are able to create new groups.
• You are able to delete or edit existing groups.
• If you delete a group, all smilies in that group will be moved to the default group.
• When adding/editing smilies, you can choose which group they must be in.
• When you browse smilies in your AdminCP, you can see what group they are in.
• Adds an extra link under the smilies on newthread, newreply and editpost pages.
• If you click that link, you can browse through all groups.
• You can replace the default [get more] link with this new one.
• You can choose whether empty groups should be displayed in the groups list.
• You have the ability to backup your smilie groups and which group smilies are in on plugin deactivation. This will then be restored when activating the plugin again.
• Multi-language compatible.
• Available languages: English, Dutch, German (formal), German (informal).
• Made compatible with MyBulletinBoard 1.1.2 (May 6th, 2006).