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SimpleBB v2

The second iteration of my SimpleBB theme.

Author: In2uitiv
Submitted: 31st October 2009
Last Updated: 1st November 2009
This is a completely redesign of my SimpleBB theme (hence the 'v2'). The user information is still present compared to the old theme, but now there's a search bar integrated in the header. The overall theme is designed to give a simple look with shades of gray and blue.

Please note that you will have to change 'welcome_block' in the "global.lang.php". More details are explained in the readme.txt file.

In the header template there are commented out placeholders for Google AdSense (468x15) and a banner image (ideally 140px in height).

Please keep the copyright information intact to give credit were credit is due. The icons were provided by EldAnar, Tatice, and Ashar from
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