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Add a fully integrated shoutbox to your MyBB installation.

Version: 2.2
Author: Alan Crisp
Submitted: 17th November 2005
Last Updated: 30th December 2008
This plugin adds a fully functional shoutbox to your board which fully integrates into MyBB. This version is written exclusively for the MyBB 1.4.x series and introduces many new features, some of which are outlined below.

- You can opt to display the shoutbox either on its own page, at the bottom of the forum index page, or both.
- You can control exactly which usergroups can access the shoutbox and what they can do inside it, such as shouting, editing and deleting.
- Shout pruning controls allow you to quickly and easily clean the shoutbox by deleting shouts older than the limit you specify.

For information on all new features, see the related entry on my personal blog.

Forthcoming Update Planning
Please be aware that I'm already working on enhancements for the next minor version of the plugin which I intend to release shortly. One of the enhancements in the next version will be an improvement of the index display mode, particularly with regard to auto-refresh.

Your feedback along with suggestions for the next version would be most appreciated through the MyBB Community Forum.
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