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You can add your forum rules and user must accept it or will be logouted.

Version: 1.2
Author: Victor
Submitted: 3rd September 2010
Last Updated: 8th January 2011
Read: README.txt

Hmm... In the ACP, we can write own rules of the forum, which is the version to choose (when you change add one), check whether it is to be parsed (includes BBCode) and indicate what changes are included since the last version. When you change (+1) someone who has come on board immediately gets notified. He has written, which is a version of the regulations, a description of the changes and the same rules. Can either accept or not accept what is tantamount to logout. Of course, the registration will also be shown instead of the rules listed in the MyBB permanent five variables of language.

(description tranlated by google :D)

Preview rules can be enforced by file: misc.php?action=rules
Previews:Preview Image 2557 Preview Image 2558 Preview Image 2559 Preview Image 2560