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Reputation Bars v0.3

Change your textual Reputation numbers into Bar Images.

Version: 0.3
Author: Yaldaram
Submitted: 5th May 2011
Last Updated: 7th February 2012
Change your textual Reputation numbers into Bar Images. It has been designed so if the user have Negative reputations, it'll show Red Bar. If the user have Positive reputations, it'll show Green Bar. And if the user has Neutral reputation, it'll show Grey Bar.

The mechanism is, plugin calculate the reputation points and if they have 10 or less then 10 (But greater then 0) it will show Green 1 bar. If reputation points are above or greater then 11 but below 20, it'll show Green 2 bar, and so on.. Neutral rep point and Negative rep points brings only one Grey and Red bar images, respectively.

Upload the zip folder in your forum's root, Extract, Login to your Admin Control Panel > Plugin manager > Activate. (There are no settings currently). It adds one template to your Global Templates area. No further template edits.
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