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Regentronique Translator

Our first plugin that will allow the translation of forums name, description and content.

Version: 1.1
Author: exdiogene
Submitted: 10th August 2009
Last Updated: 11th August 2009
With our plugin you will be able to insert 2 combined sections in any strings used for your forums name, descriptions, content and many other places like in your profile. The section of those strings that will be displayed will be selected depending on the user selected language.

If the selected language is english, then the first part of the string will be used, any other language selection will use the second part of the string.

The string is easily constructed using a "Prefix" a "Separator" and a "Suffix". All those variables are configurable in your admin settings section.

Example with the default values of :
Prefix = (*[
Separator = |
Suffix = ]*)

If the string, on a english/french forums, is :
(*[This is the portion that would be displayed in english.|Ceci est la portion qui sera affichée en français.]*)

In english it will display :
This is the portion that would be displayed in english.

In french it will display :
Ceci est la portion qui sera affichée en français.