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Recover Lost Admin

Have you removed your permissions to access Admin CP?

Author: zaher1988
Submitted: 4th March 2006
This utility will help you for 2 major cases

*If you are the only admin on your board, or the only admin that can manager groups and users, and by mistake you have changed your group to anyother than Administrator and your not able anymore to log into the Admin CP, then this is what your seeking for.

*If you are the only admin, or the only admin that can change admin permissions, and by mistake you have messed up your admin permission, and removed your permission to change the admin permissions, then this is what your looking for.

This utility will automaticly change your usergroup and admin permission, which need to go into PhpMyAdmin and do them manually

Upload rla.php to your board's root directory (e.g. /forums)
in the browser, type
if all neccessary operation are done, you will get a message saying

or a message saying A problem has accured!., at that time you will have to post a support ticket so we can look after the reasons.

Make sure to delete that file later.