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System ranges for users.

Version: 1.2
Author: Edson Ordaz
Submitted: 15th April 2012
Last Updated: 28th April 2012
Plugin Name: Ranks
Plugin Author: Edson Ordaz
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.2
MyBB Plugin Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin Language: English and Spanish
Plugin Description: System ranges for users.

Version 1.2
+ Bugs Fixed

Version 1.1
+ Bugs Fixed
+ Custom ranks are added
+ Custom rankscan give and take on the task without
+ Added Log
+ Updating of the task

Version 1.0

This plugin gives ranges automatically depending on the posts, threads, reputation, time online and time of registration!

Creation of ranges

To create a range go to ACP / Users and Groups / Ranges and is there a list of the ranges created. To create a new range is to click on the tab "New Range" and will come out the following

Enter the name of the range. you can not leave it empty.

Write the description of the range

Write the number of posts a user needs to enter this range

Enter the number of threads that the user needs to enter this range
Write the number of reputation that the user needs to enter this range

Time Online
Write the time line that the user needs to enter into this range.

Time Registered
Enter the time recorded that the user needs to enter this range

Select the image from your computer you will have the range

Write the number of level that is this range

The levels are very important you can not leave that field blank and put a number of existing level. We recommend putting nieveles lowest to highest is the lowest for new users and more for veterans or highly active users!
Once saved you can delete, or edit ranks!
To inform users the list of ranges must enter

The plugin has a range task that changes automatically to users is important to note that only changes of range users who have active states before the last execution of the task (in the first execution includes all users in the second only to those who were active between the first and second execution).

The range is displayed in the user profile and in the postbit!
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