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Quran Code

Allows adding ayat of Quran in post using simple BBCode, example: [quran]2:255[/quran]

Version: 1.3
Author: Abu Sabah
Submitted: 2nd May 2009
Last Updated: 24th July 2011
Quran Code allows a user to easily add verses of the Quran to their forum posts.

Supports multiple languages.

[quran]1:1[/quran] will display the ayah for the default language.
[quran=en]1:1[/quran] displays the ayah in English
[quran=my]1:1[/quran] displays the ayah in Malay

You can set any of the installed languages as the default

Each language adds another table to your database that contains over 6,000 records, which make up the verses of Quran in that language.