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One of the most beautiful and cleanest themes for MyBB Admin Control Panel. One-click installation wizard included.

Version: beta 0.1.6
Author: Shade
Submitted: 17th November 2012
Last Updated: 10th January 2013

ProjectX: it's simply the theme.
One of the most beautiful themes for MyBB is now available to download.

A new GitHub issue tracking Repo is now available! Please report any bug or open a new request there, I'll support you ASAP!

Finally it has come. You have been waiting for more than 4 months, and now you can get it for free.

Why ProjectX is so special? I'll give you 4 valid reasons:

  1. It has a revolutionary UI, packed with extreme precision and huge impressiveness.
  2. Every element in the theme is stunning and pixel perfect.
  3. It comes with a plugin-based structure and one-click easy installation.
  4. It's free!

What do I get within the download package?

You get all the benefits you would like to have when downloading a theme. ProjectX is in beta development but is sufficiently stable to be enjoyed by everyone at the current stages: its plugin-based structure let you install it with only one click within your Plugins list and its immediate intuitiveness brings a new whole experience to MyBB Admin Control Panel.

What are ProjectX main features?

At the moment ProjectX is equipped with:

  1. A plugin-based structure which let you install it immediately and painless
  2. Stunning and comprehensible graphics
  3. Clean and intuitive User Interface
  4. Iconic menu with jQuery-powered tooltip fired on hover, with any language and mobile support
  5. CSS gorgeous radio buttons with rewritten HTML syntax designed for an intuitive and fast usage
  6. Great combinations of solid and dashed borders with border-radius support for almost every page in ACP
  7. Full page navigation for a better board management
  8. Template full page editing for a better handling and writing
  9. Support for every browser except for IE =< 8 (untested as for now)

What will be included in upcoming 0.2-1 release?

  1. Inline management with fading moderation tools
  2. CSS checkboxes similar to radio buttons
  3. Custom icons (the actual ones are taken from default theme)
  4. And much more!

Sounds great. What should I do when I have the package in my HDD?

  1. First of all, unpack the .zip package and upload all the files into your MyBB installation's root. This mean that if your board is like, you have to upload them in your /forum folder.
  2. Go in your Plugins list and click on Install & Activate beyond ProjectX theme. You'll immediately install it and activate it for all your admins.
  3. Whenever you are tired of the theme you can restore the default theme by uninstalling it from the plugin list. You can temporary disable it just by switching off the Master switch in your settings list.

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