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Put tabs on the profile!

Version: 2.3
Author: Edson Ordaz
Submitted: 16th November 2010
Last Updated: 2nd February 2012
Updated Version 2.3

+ In this new version, add a color panel done in jquery to not have to write the color in hexadecimal users if not just select it.

+ Bugs presented are repaired!

Version 2.0

This new version gives the option of each user who wants to set the colors to the tabs in your profile.


Ver 1.0:
This plugin is very simple it does is put tabs in the profile was already vbulletin style to put it but manually!

Just unzip the attachment to the root of your board fence to admin panel-> plugin and activate the plugin and set their profiles will be tabbed vbulletin style!

This is the BETA version as it only adds tabs to the profile the next version will do great things as setting tabs, colored tabs add / remove etc etc!

This new version to the previous comparisons can set colors of the tabs!
Previews:Preview Image 3950 Preview Image 4908 Preview Image 4909 Preview Image 3953