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Prevent (Hide) Spam Post By Minus Reputation

Automatically prevent displaying whole posts, signature even attachment by NEW member who have specified minus reputation (given by you or other members).

Version: 1.0
Author: FBI
Submitted: 21st November 2012
Last Updated: 14th December 2012
- Do you have a member who posts advertise material (duplicate posts) in every forum?
- Do you ever tire to move their whole wrong thread/post in to appropriate correct forum?
- In some place which using dynamic IP, banning isn't the only solution. Too many proxy IP out there.
- This is another soft-approach (alternatif) solution which still educating other member NOT DOING the same thing (Spam/duplicate posts in every forum)

How it works?
This plugin will automatically prevent displaying whole post by NEW member who have specified minus reputation (default setting for this plugin is -3). This is good way with soft-approach to give a lesson for spammer or regular member, without banning or warn them. This can be done automatically, by let other members involve to give a negative reputation. After minus 3 reputation reach, then all posts by this member will disappear and replaced by a custom notification that teach other new member not doing the same thing (Spam/wrong rule posting).

Don't worry, it will not affecting to member who have many reputation even they have 3 minus reputation. This is safe applied on new member only.

- edit file inc/plugins/pspb.php and find out the variable inside.
- easily modified and clearly commented
- default minus reputation is -3, you can change by editing the file
- also you can creatively change the notifying custom message (post, attachment, signature) easily.

The Good
This plugin does not delete posts etc, only hiding.

This plugin use existing built-in preloaded MyBB function. There is no other setting or NO additional SQL query. So, It won't hurt your forum load. Tested on big forum with million of posts.

This preview will explain for your suitable idea :-)

This is post replacement for member with minus 3 reputation, suitable for hiding post/signature/attachment from a member being displayed.
Preview Image 6104

This is signature replacement for member who never received reputation, suitable for support helper forum.
Preview Image 6105