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Prefix Import

Imports the prefixes made in MyBB 1.4.x

Version: 1.0
Author: XxAnimusxX
Submitted: 8th August 2010
Did you use the PrefixManager (v1.0) in MyBB 1.4.x to enhance your display of threads? Do you want to keep your prefixes? Are you just to lazy or do you just don't know how to manage things?

This Mod will help you importing your prefixes you already made.
Just place the prefiximport.php into your MyBB-Root and open the file in your browser.

There are still some important notes to consider:
* this script helps you just to import your prefixes - not more, not less

* if you already created prefixes within MyBB 1.6 the Prefix-IDs won't match anymore with your threads, so be prepared to correct all of your threads! (Solution: delete all your prefixes in MyBB 1.6, import the old ones and create the deleted ones afterwards ...)

* After importing the prefixes you should proceed to delete the database table concerning the old prefixes to prevent your database to be flooded with trash

* Because of different table formats you should browse the imported prefixes within your AdminCP to correct the new data if necessary, e.g. if you selected all forums in MyBB 1.4.x you have to select "All forums" in your AdminCP, otherwise the database-entry will contain unnecessary data.
It will work anyways, though it is not recommended to just leave it like that.