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A bright orange and yellow theme. The hunt is over.

Version: 1.0
Author: AthletikCo
Submitted: 27th March 2014
Last Updated: 27th March 2014
Thank-you for downloading the PredatorLabs theme for MyBB.

For support or questions please contact me at:


You may NOT remove the "Theme by @Athletiks" image at the bottom right of the forum, nor modify its link address.
You may NOT remove the Copyright by Athletiks on the bottom footer links, nor modify its link address.
You may NOT remove the MyBB copyright code which is within the HTML/CSS of the footer.


1.Install by zipping the images and uploading them to MyBB in your root/source/image directory.
2. Upload the .xml file to your MyBB root/source.
3. Get your image directory which you uploaded, and copy it to the .xml theme so it replaces the default image files which are hosted on my site.
4. You should be good after that, if not, either contact me or upload the images and replace them individually so they have the right path to be displayed on site.

=============================================== is a fitness nutrition supplement company, all of the theme, colors, images and content are Copyright 2014 by PredatorLabs.
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