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Pick Group On Registration

Allow users to join specified groups on the registration page.

Version: 1.1
Author: Nishimi
Submitted: 26th August 2012
Last Updated: 28th March 2013
Pick Group On Registration allows you to allow certain groups to be joined on registration.

The plugin adds two options to each group:

- Allow this group to be joined when a user is registering
- Also put this user into the registered users group as well

The plugin then adds a new box on the registration page, which is only shown if you have any groups allowed to be joined. It has a select box of one or more group(s) that a user can select.

Installation instructions:
1. Place files in the upload directory into your mybb root directory.
2. Activate the plugin in the 'plugins' page of the admin control panel.
3. Go to the group(s) that you would like to be able to be joined on the
registration page, and configure them as so. You can also set it so they
are put in the registered group as well.
4. Enjoy the plugin!
Previews:Preview Image 5886 Preview Image 5887