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Page Manager

Allows you to manage additional pages.

Version: 1.5.2
Author: querschlaeger
Submitted: 13th January 2010
Last Updated: 22nd October 2010
This Plugin allows you to create and manage new pages. There is no need to upload an additional file to your web server - everything will be handled through plugin file. HTML (and JavaScript, CSS, Java, ...) and PHP is allowed, so you have no limitations in creating new pages!
You can easily export or import custom pages. So you are able to share pages with other people or just backup your pages on local storage.

Notice: Every page you create will be displayed correctly on "Who is online" list! :)

Here you can find some sample pages and ideas you may want to import or create:

MyBB 1.6: Yes
Previews:Preview Image 1725 Preview Image 1728 Preview Image 1729 Preview Image 1730