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No Recent Posts Prompt

A plugin that displays a message to members who have not posted recently, prompting them to post

Version: 0.1
Author: krakjoe
Submitted: 12th July 2008
* Show a message to users who haven't posted in a number of days
* Allow configuration of the message displayed
* Allow easy installation of the plugin
* Allow disabling the plugin from settings instead of uninstalling it ( and loosing message markup )
* Allow the message html to have variables ( like templates ) in them, so it can be more personal instead of just another advert

Simple Installation
Upload no_recent_posts.php to ./inc/plugins in your forum root directory
Enable the plugin in the plugin manager of mybb
Go to "No Recent Posts Prompt Options" in settings of mybb
Configure your message and tolerance
Go to Templates -> Modify / Delete in your mybb administration panel
Press expand next to "Index Page Templates"
Press Edit next to "index" template - anywhere you put {$nrp} in your template, when necessary, your message will be displayed