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It takes many to create a topic post

Version: 1.0
Author: Edson Ordaz
Submitted: 16th November 2010
Hello good friends first of all I hope you like this plugin!
it does? easy you will see that in this page is a forum to post advertisements where you need 20 post minimum if you have not deleted your topic Abdon this issue does the same plane but does not let you create the theme and displays an error message!

Since active adm panel plugin!
From admin panel you set up a forum or forums post will be required to create a new item!
You set the number of post they need to create a new item!
And very importantly
from admin panel if you want to configure your default error message or the one who brings by default!

There are 2 differences which are here?
do you believe the default from the admin panel in a textarea and default reads:

Hello user can not create topics that you only have userpost post created and it required minimum of post are missing postrequeridos make you create other post to create a topic here

Username: the username is trying to create issue!
userpost: The number of post that the user trying to create the topic!
postrequeridos: The number of post that you require (this I choose in admin panel in the configuration of the plugin)
others: The post that you needed to create a topic in this forum!
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