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NewPoints is a complex but efficient and user-friendly points system for MyBB.

Version: 1.9.9
Author: Diogo Parrinha
Submitted: 14th September 2009
Last Updated: 26th December 2013

The best points system for MyBB.

Features: (core only)
  • Main settings
    • NewPoints enabled.
    • Currency Name
    • Currency Prefix.
    • Currency Suffix.
    • Decimal places.
    • Statistics visible to users.
    • Donations enabled.
    • Send PM on donate.
    • Number of last donations to show.
    • Number of richest users to show.
  • Income settings
    • Points per post.
    • Points per thread.
    • Points per poll.
    • Points per character (on new post and new thread).
    • Minimum characters required to multiply points per character.
    • Points on registration.
    • Points per poll vote.
    • Points per reply (points given to the author of the thread).
    • Points per PM sent.
    • Points per page view.
    • Points per visit (MyBB Session).
  • Seperated plugins system. (based off MyBB's one)
  • Seperated settings system. (based off MyBB's one)
  • Maintenance page to recount points, reset points, edit user's points and reconstruct templates.
  • Easy-to-edit templates.
  • Forum Rules. (income rate, minimum points to view, minimum points to create a new post/thread)
  • User Group rules (income rate, amount of points to pay to this group, number of seconds between payments).
  • Task which creates a backup of NewPoints default tables as well as newpoints field in the users table. (backups are saved to admin/backups/backupnewpoints/)
  • Shows number of points in profile and post bit.

Yes, thats right, NewPoints comes with two converters:
  • MyPlaza Turbo to NewPoints
  • MyPS to NewPoints

Data converted from MyPlaza Turbo:
  • Points
  • Forum Income rates to Forum Rules
  • User Group income rates to Group Rules

Data converted from MyPS to NewPoints:
  • Points
  • Exempt Forums to Forum Rules
  • Exempt Groups to Group rules

Screenshots - from v1.0

NewPoints page

Bank (note: this is a plugin!)



Profile and Postbit
Viewing someone else's profile (if it was my own profile, it wouldn't show "Donate")


Admin CP




Forum Rules

Add Forum Rule

Group Rules


Converter #1 (MyPlaza Turbo -> NewPoints)

Converter #2 (MyPS -> NewPoints)

Installation/Upgrade/Backups/Converter instructions
NewPoints comes with the following documents:
  • readme.html (general data (installation/upgrade instructions, usage instructions, etc))
  • backups.html (how to setup weekly backups of NewPoints and restore them successfully)
  • converters.html (instructions on how to use the converters)
  • development.html (complete list of functions provided by NewPoints with descriptions and parameters values)

You can find the available plugins here.

If you want to develop plugins for NewPoints just check the development.html document and take a look at newpoints_hello.php to understand how to develop plugins. (it's really easy if you know how to create MyBB plugins).

Support should be asked at

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