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NanoSkinners v1

The original NanoSkinners theme - sleek, clean & professional.

Version: 1.0.2
Author: Scoutie44
Submitted: 22nd August 2010
Last Updated: 28th August 2010
The original NanoSkinners theme... now free for MyBB 1.6 (& 1.4, too)! This sleek, clean & professional theme was used for several months on our site, but since we have our new design up and out, we decided to give back to the community and release the original for absolutely free!

This theme doesn't have any real highlights as far as features go, but since it was used on our site I've put a lot of effort into it from the start.

I took a short while to update it for 1.6, so I can't guarantee it works 100%, but if you come across any major issues please let me know ASAP!

Thanks & enjoy!

(1.0.1 fixes missing images)
(1.0.2 fixes announcement listing)
Previews:Preview Image 2484 Preview Image 2485 Preview Image 2486