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Add to your profile your favorite video Youtube

Version: 1.1
Author: Edson Ordaz
Submitted: 18th April 2011
Last Updated: 21st December 2012
Plugin Name: MyYoutube
Plugin Author: Edson Ordaz
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.1
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin Language: English
Plugin File Edits: No
Plugin File Uploads: 1
Plugin Description:Add to your profile your favorite video Youtube

prevents sql injection

This plugin allows you to add in your profile your favorite video on Youtube ...

Add your video go to UserCP-> edit profile-> Youtube Video and add only the ID of your favorite video and you click on update profile ..

To add your favorite video is as follows:
For example:
Add the following video


just place where we asked the ID


by that I mean to put this:


Previews:Preview Image 3609 Preview Image 3610 Preview Image 3611 Preview Image 3612