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MyvBulletin Theme

Theme based on vBulletin templates

Version: 1.0
Author: ketto93
Submitted: 6th May 2009
Theme created by MyBBSkinner Team.



- Upload all files** follow the same process of other themes;

- Upload XML file;

** = if you modified global.php and you not want to lose all modify, insert

if($mybb->usergroup['cancp'] == 1 && $mybb->config['hide_admin_links'] != 1)
        eval("\$foot_admin = \"".$templates->get("foot_ifadmin")."\";");
    if($mybb->usergroup['canmodcp'] == 1)
        eval("\$foot_mod = \"".$templates->get("foot_ifmod")."\";");

Befor the ?> tag of php.

If you didin't modify global.php replace it with global.php in the pack

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