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MyShoutbox is a AJAX shoutbox based off Specifuse Shoutbox.

Version: 1.7
Author: Diogo Parrinha
Submitted: 4th April 2009
Last Updated: 2nd December 2011
This plugin was coded by Pirata Nervo but based off Asad Khan's Spicefuse Shoutbox.

I have released this plugin with his permission and I may NOT break any of the following conditions:
1. Have a link back to the on the forum post or any other page that distributes your code, including any readme files. In other words, have a linked version of the Spicefuse Shoutbox text.
2. Retain my author credits for the old code.
3. Keep it free. :)

Feel free to visit the official Spicefuse Shoutbox website:

Feel free to visit the official MyShoutbox website:

Read the readme!

Only paid subscribers at can get support.

Asad Khan - Spicefuse Shoutbox coder
And myself.
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