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MyCleanGreen is a simple, clean and beautiful theme based on the color green.

Version: 1.4
Author: SoporteMyBB
Submitted: 21st March 2011
Last Updated: 2nd September 2011
Name: MyCleanGreen
Author: Abdón
Version: 1.4
Compatibility: 1.6.*
Original topic: [Tema de SoporteMyBB] MyClean [Multilenguaje]

Official support only in spanish, here: [Tema de SoporteMyBB] MyClean [Multilenguaje]

Installation instructions
1) Upload the content of the folder "SUBIR" to the root of your FTP.

2) Upload the file "MyCleanBlue-theme.xml" from the "Import a Theme" of
the tab "Templates & Style" of the Admin panel.

3) Activate your theme as default.

Previews:Preview Image 3491 Preview Image 3433 Preview Image 3434 Preview Image 3435 Preview Image 3436 Preview Image 3437 
Preview Image 3438