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MyBB Zip Installer v1.0

Allows user to upload standard MyBB zip file and extract it's contents

Author: decswxaqz
Submitted: 13th May 2006
A few hours work because I was fed up of logging into SSH manually and doing this.

You take a MyBB install zip from the main site, upload it, and then run this file. It will extract the contents of the zip and cleanup after itself.
This saves you from waiting for lots of individual files to upload compared to a single zip file.

This file can also be used to upgrade MyBB if the only thing required is a file change.

(click images for larger version)

The first stage. Find the right version you want to unzip.

The second stage. Zip file should have be extracted, and now you can do some cleanup.

You should extract the file in the zip to where you want your forum. Upload a MyBB zip into the same directory, and run the php file in your web browser.