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MyBB Pro

An improved version of the Default MyBB theme with CSS3 radius borders.

Version: 1.1
Author: Bob Jansen
Submitted: 16th November 2009
Last Updated: 17th November 2009
The theme is a improved version of the Default MyBB theme and comes with some new looks, images, icons, and CSS3 round borders.

The rounded borders will be only visible on browsers that support CSS such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Opera do not support CSS3 yet but the theme will still look good on it.

Live Demo:
Be sure to scroll down to the bottom and select MyBB Pro under the Quick Theme Selector.

Bundle comes with:
  • MyBB Pro Button PSD's
  • MyBB Pro Previews
  • MyBB Pro images
  • MyBB Pro XML file

You are are not allowed to remove:

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That's all, if you got any questions, comments, concerns or anything else feel free to PM or comment on this mod.

Previews:Preview Image 1606 Preview Image 1607 Preview Image 1608 Preview Image 1609