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MyBB Clear Vision

A web 2.0 theme for Mybb with Jquery and CSS3

Version: BETA
Author: Clear
Submitted: 5th November 2010
Last Updated: 20th June 2012
MyBB Clear vision is a very elegant blue theme for MyBB old style Web 2.0 by Clear.

The name was inspired by my vision of MyBB; because the default skin is not very much and my skin eye observes a "parallel" I wanted to let everyone know.

The theme contains a Jquery (panel flash) and CSS3 (box shadow, moz border ext.) and is recommended for the following browsers:

-Google Chrome (top)

This theme is in beta, with your help will be bug fix and a re-color (MBB clear vision: red; green; yellow; black; white).

To install it, you need to upload from your pca xml file and then upload the folder "clear" in the images folder of the forum ..

Finally, you have to put a link to the image in the facebook group in header templates.. is very easy! :)

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