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Mood Manager

Allows users to set a mood for themselves to display on postbit/profile.

Version: 1.1.1
Author: Starpaul20
Submitted: 27th February 2012
Last Updated: 1st December 2013
IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT USE THE REVIEWS SECTION FOR SUPPORT OR REPORTING BUGS. I can't reply there. Please use the support thread instead.

Allows your users to set a mood for themselves to display on their postbit(s) and in their profile.

This plugin offers full language support. Mood icons can also be translated. To translate, create a folder in the images/mood folder with the same name as the language (English included by default) then Upload the translated icons to that folder (make sure they have the same file name). If a translated icon doesn't exist for a mood, it will default back to the English icon.

(Please see the change log for what the updates fixes)
v1.0 -> v1.1.1: Deactivate, upload new files and reactivate.
v1.1 -> v1.1.1: Overwrite old files, no need to deactivate.
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