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Modern Dark

Dark theme perfect any kind of site

Author: Andrei
Submitted: 14th February 2013
Last Updated: 26th February 2013


A dark theme originally designed for a gaming site.

Main features:
- Sidebar
- CSS buttons
- Jquery tooltip
- Very user friendly
- Avatars in threads lists
- Compatible with all modern browsers


Support thread:

- The theme doesn't use a Logo, if you want to change the text displayed in the header, edit the template found in "Admin CP -> Templates & Style -> ModernDark Templates -> (expand) Header templates -> header"
- After uploading the contents of 'UPLOAD' to your server, and importing the .xml file, go to the the sites plugins and ACTIVATE the plugin called "Avatars in Thread Listing"
- If you're using the "Prostats" plugin you'll notice a weird repeat of the .thead background image. To fix this go to "Templates -> Global Templates -> prostats" and REPLACE everything between the <thead> tags with this

- Fixed .thead class not displaying properly in Google Chrome
- Fixed submit buttons not displaying properly in Google Chrome
- Other minor changes to the templates
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