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Make First Letter Uppercase

A plugin which capitalizes the first letter of thread titles and posts.

Version: 1.2
Author: faviouz
Submitted: 8th May 2011
Last Updated: 24th June 2011
Name: Make First Letter Uppercase
Description: A plugin which capitalizes the first letter of thread titles and posts.
Author: Fábio Maia
Version: 1.2
Compatibility: 1.4.x, 1.6.x

Preview Image 3739Preview Image 3740

This plugin does not capitalize the first letter of existing thread titles or posts, only thread titles or posts created after installing the plugin. This plugin does not revert the changes made by it on deactivate. Changes made by this plugin are permanent. In the future, this behavior might be changed. Until then, you can execute an SQL query in order to update all existing thread titles or posts.

1. Upload /inc/plugins/mfluc.php to /inc/plugins.
2. Go to your Admin Control Panel.
3. Go to the Configuration menu
4. Go to the Plugins sub-menu.
5. Activate the Make First Letter Uppercase plugin.

My plugins are developed on my free time and released as free open-source software! If you find my plugin useful and want to make a donation, it is greatly appreciated because donations allow me to continue working on my plugins and release them for free. Thank you!