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Lightbox2 MyCode

adds the Lightbox-Animation to your images

Version: 1.4.3
Author: XxAnimusxX
Submitted: 10th November 2008
Last Updated: 27th November 2008
The Lightbox(2)-Javascript is best known through numerous sites using the Prototype-Framework.
Why do we have to waiver of this animation in our MyBBoards? Actually we don't have to!
This Plugins embedes the Lightbox functionality into your board offering you a new way to display
your favorite images - just insert the appropriate MyCode into your Post or even in your private
message and your images will be opened in the same document, but in the lightbox instead.

For some people it's a headache to use the different MyCodes due to the complexity of this script though; this problem isn't anymore! The Lightbox-Helper is also embed into your board, offering various options and helping you to insert your MyCode into your post or private message.

(This is just a "search-and-replace"-script, the original JavaScript of the lightbox is written by Lokesh Dhakar,

For more details about the usage of the MyCodes, read the readme-file in the plugin-archive.
Also check the Changelog to stay update.
Previews:Preview Image 854 Preview Image 855