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adds a lightbox-animation to your images

Version: 1.2
Author: XxAnimusxX
Submitted: 19th January 2008
Last Updated: 3rd February 2008
You can use a new mycode after activating this plugin.
It allows you to modify the [img]-Code to display a specific
image in a lightbox.
Just upload all the files/folders into your mybb-webspace corresponding
to the folder-names and activate the plugin using the Plugin-Manager within
the AdminCP. Once you did that, the mycode is activated
as well. You don't need to change any templates!


simple: [img=lightbox] Image-URL [/img]

Thumbnail: [img=Thumbnail-URL] Image-URL [/img]

Wait until the site is fully loaded in order to avoid bugs.
It may happen that the image is displayed in a seperate window
instead of displayed in the same site.

This Plugin is just a simple "search and replace"-script.
All the animations and the lightbox-script is made by Lokesh Dhakar.

- Update -
== 1.2 ==
Please read the changelog for more informations.
Previews:Preview Image 400