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Latest News

This plugin allows you to display all of the latest threads and their first post from a certain forum.

Version: 1.2
Author: SupaComix
Submitted: 7th September 2008
Last Updated: 2nd December 2008
The latest news plugin allows you to run a page which will display all of the latest threads from a certain forum and their first posts. You can also change the name of this page from "Home" to "Latest News" as well as change how many threads to display.



You will need an update to date version of Mybb 1.4.1 at least to run this plugin.

1. Upload the contents (minus the readme.txt file) to the folder that your forum exists in.
2. Log in on your forum and visit the admin control panel.
3. Once logged in head towards Configuration > Plugins.
4. Hit the activate button on the Latest News Plugin
5. Now head towards the "Settings" area.
6. Select "Latest News Plugin" group
7. Now to configure the settings

Latest News Forum ID:

This if the forum id of the section of your forum that you will want to get news from. This is usually a catergory id of the forum into which all news goes. To get this id, find the catergory in your browser and read the address bar at the top. It will say for example something like:

The 5 is the number you want.

max Threads:

This is how many threads you want to display on your page. 5 is the default.

Name of Link:

If you notice on your forum there is a new part of your top links area that says "Latest News". This is the top links area and the "Name of Link" setting is what can change the text. You can set this to anything like "Home", "News", "What's New?" etc.

Top Links Image:

The latest news plugin comes with 2 new images as well. The Top links image allows you to change between them. The two images are called "home" and "latestnews" so enter those into the box to have them be displayed. Set it to blank to have them not displayed. You can also enter any name of an image that exists in your images/toplinks/ folder but leave out the file name and make sure its a .gif file.

Click submit on the settings area and your all set up now.


Version 1.1 to Version 1.2
- Added in a function which backs up the original header templates that you already had in place. And then will change them back when the plugin is deactivated.
- Changed the link at the bottom.

Version 1.0 to Version 1.1
- Fixed a php code error when attempting to install the plugin
- Fixed support for bb code.
- Added in the ability to have the page ready any threads from any forum. If you add in ?fid= to the end of the url and then a number it will display all of the latest theads for that forum id. If it is not specified it will just run the one set in the settings.


If you find a bug or if you have a suggestion then please either go here:

or email it to [email protected]

Special Thanks
- lunchmobjr - Thanks for the idea to update and the report of the bug.