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Last posts forum

View Last posts forum in The Header

Version: 1.0
Submitted: 13th July 2011
Last Updated: 16th July 2011

Open The File lastposts.php And The Change Your Settings And Save And Active Plugin.

Your Change Settings In File :

$db_host = "localhost"; // Change this if your MySQL database host is different.
$db_name = "?"; // Change this to the name of your database.
$db_user = "?"; // Change this to your database username.
$db_pw = "?"; // Change this to your database password.
$db_pre = "mybb_"; // Tables prefix
$url = "http://localhost"; // Change this to reflect to your forum's URL.
$limit = "50"; // Number of posts displayed.
$txtlimit = "200"; // This is the character limit.

Members can lastposts your forum into any site by using the following code to show you.

<iframe src=""></iframe>
Previews:Preview Image 4042