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Last Poster Trophy on Postbit

Displays a customizable trophy image for the current LPW winner

Version: 1.01
Author: Wildcard
Submitted: 13th October 2012
Last Updated: 27th December 2012
One of the (if not the) most inane forum games ever created, devoid of all creativity and productivity and yet insanely, widely popular is 'The Last Poster Wins'. Almost every forum has some version of it and I thought I might make a simple little plugin to display a trophy on the postbit of the user in your forum that currently has the last post in your forum's version of 'The Last Poster Wins' thread.

Obviously only useful for forums that have a thread like this, it can be customized to allow a different trophy image and the tid of thread must be entered before the trophy image will display.

  1. Copy all the files in the Upload directory to your forum's root directory.
  2. Copy a trophy image]to the images directory of your forum. Some sample trophies are provided.
  3. Install & Activate the plugin in Admin CP
  4. Edit and Save the plugin settings to point to your forum's last poster wins thread and the trophy image you uploaded in step 2

Previews:Preview Image 5998 Preview Image 5996 Preview Image 5997 Preview Image 5999