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Last Poster Avatar on Forumlist and Threadlist

Displays an aditional info of lastpost user, put avatar on display post list of forum index and thread list.

Version: 2.7
Author: Whiteneo
Submitted: 3rd December 2011
Last Updated: 15th April 2014
Forumlist -
Threadlist -

Thanks to user Xede for reports on forumchild an many more to show fine avatars, ans hosting for 1 entire year, he gives me to me for my mods and give suport, actually to skylium to bring me one host for my own purposes . But he has on his site too as many peopple. So make sure follow the steps at all or it does not work god. Thanks to user Ryuseiken for drag & drop menu of avatar onclick event (until 2.6 version), and martec for new idea to bring more powerfull this menu...

Thank to all users who reports bugs or things about the mod, and specially for users who use this mod on his sites.

And so many thanks to MyBB script to make open source as one option to make my own plugins.

The last version add some more things, like a new window onclick for every user and can edit at your own, styleshets and more, you can enable or disable all plugin opts and customize as you wish.

INSTALL: Upload al files via FTP.

NOTE 2: Activate Plugin and customize your style to show avatar on forums and threads.

FINALLY: If you hav emany problems send me an mp and i response as soon as posible, or make a supor thread on plugins area.

UPGRADE: Deactivate previous version, upload files and then activate again, then you have to put your own stylization for your forumlist and threadlist to show avatar propertly as my forum.

I make a guidance on how to put avatar like my forum.

Previews:Preview Image 4582 Preview Image 4583 Preview Image 4660 Preview Image 4661 Preview Image 5707 Preview Image 5708