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Display flag on any shown ip-address

Version: 1.2
Author: Idoenk
Submitted: 10th August 2009
Last Updated: 10th August 2009
This plugin is adapted from: WordPress IP to Country Plugin (
This plugin will display flag on shown ip-address which common location is at Who's Online & Post Thread.

1. Copy files to suitable loaction
2. You need to dump the ip-address to country sql into your database.
3. Open MyBB-AdminCP.
4. Open Link "Plug-Ins".
5. Search for Plug-In "Ip2Flag".
6. "Activate" Plug-In "Ip2Flag".

::Find the latest update of the databse (in CSV format) here:
If it's neccessary i'll keep update and convert the CSV to SQL (.gz)
Converted SQL:
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:
Mirror 3:

::Credit & Powered goes to:
-FamFamFam Flag-Icons
-MySQLDumper-Version: 1.24 RC1.2
Previews:Preview Image 1379 Preview Image 1380