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HighLight your search terms!!

Author: imei
Submitted: 15th September 2006
Last Updated: 16th September 2006
This plugin highlights keywords that you searched.
After activating this plugin, users that search a specify term in search.php page {just show result in post view} , will get links to topics that contains a &highligh=KEYWORD parameter. after clicking such links, you'll see a thread with highlighted keywords.
You may change the color and theme of highlighting by editing .highlight class by going to:

>>MyBB Master Style Themes> Additional CSS> .highlight <<

Via this plugin you'r able to:
Highlight searched keywords in thread's show
Highlight searched keywords in search results' show
Add searched keywords to navigator of show search results.
Edit Css of highlighted texts(Admins);

[size=3]Note note!:
if you'd upgraded your forum there is an issue about your default theme that results to default them dont add.
if so, you may solve it this way: goto mybb master theme and end of extra css add this lines:
background-color: #FF0000;
color: #FFFF00;

//Report problems Here:

//General SeQrity Testsed
Use and enjoy.

imei Addmimistrator.