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imei Anti URL Cache

Adds a random string to links of a forum, so cache servers won't cache your site's content for users using same ISP

Version: 1.4
Author: imei
Submitted: 17th September 2008
This plugin adds your pages' links, a random garbage parameter, that this save your users privacy against proxy cache servers that save all urls!
Some users using same ISPs with a cache server witch don't pay attention to "no-cache" headers and just look at URLs and save them as a cache-able file. Users can view site's page as other users and even read their PM.
This plugin adds a random string at the end of any URLs in your site, so cache servers can't show same links for different users.

This plugin is compatible with spiders (will shut down for them.)
If you activate this plugin, all users have to see long URLs. If any user add a "&nocache=1" string after a URL, whole AntiCache system will shutdown for that specific user using a cookie. (unless he won't change his browser or delete his cookies)