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Image Magnify.

Gives animated magnify (zoom) jquery effect to images on thread.

Version: 1.0
Author: crazy4cs
Submitted: 20th April 2012
Last Updated: 30th June 2012
Plugin name: Image Magnify.
Author: Pratik Unadkat.

Plugin description: Gives animated magnify (zoom) jquery effect to images on thread.

Installation Instructions:

1. Extract the zipped plugin file.
2. Upload /inc/plugins/imgmagnify.php to your server's .inc/plugins/ folder .
3. Upload /jscripts/jquery.magnifier to your server's .jscripts/ folder .
4. Upload /uploads/imgmagnify_cursor folder to your server's .uploads/ folder .
5. Activate the plugin from ACP.

Using Instructions:

When you or anyone hovers your mouse or cursor to any image shown in the thread, a zoom cursor icon will be shown, which on clicking would enlarge the image, and again on clicking the enlarged image, it would be shrinked to its normal size.

Troubleshooting: Setting Magnification:

By default, the image would be magnified 1.5x times than that of the original image. You can easily edit this setting as per your liking. Just open the jquery.magnifier.js file provided inside the plugin package with any text editor of your choice and find:

PHP Code:

Edit 1.5 to any number, say 3, so the images would be magnified 3 times larger than original image. But make sure this number is not very large as it could cause or occupy full screen for large resolution images.

Troubleshooting: jQuery Conflicts/Not working:

Due to prototype conflict, it may happen that this plugin won't work as its supposed to. If so is the case, just add the below code, anywhere in your headerinclude template:

PHP Code:
<script type="text/javascript">jQuery.noConflict();</script

For support, post in below thread:

Or visit: .

Screenshots at bottom.


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