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Hit Counter

Implements a hit counter for tracking total page views. Supports unique visitors, spider blocking, etc.

Version: 1.1.2
Author: AlienHoboken
Submitted: 21st December 2011
Last Updated: 4th March 2014
This plugin adds a customizable hit counter for your forums. The hit counter tracks how many page views your forum has received, allowing you to easily change what counts as a page view.

By default, the plugin counts unique hits from visitors every 30 days. The plugin also, by default, does not count spider (robot) hits as part of the hit total. However, these options are easily changeable with the following settings.

Plugin Settings:
*On/Off - Determines whether or not the plugin is on or off. Default: On
*Unique Visitors - Whether or not to only count unique visitors. Default: Yes
*Unique Visitors (days) - How many days before a user is considered unique again. Default: 30d
*Main Page Only - Whether to count hits from all pages, or just from the main forum page. ie. http://yourdomian.tld/forums/ Default: No
*Registered Members Only - Whether to count hits from all users or only registered members. Default: No
*Count Spiders - Whether or not to count spider hits. Default: No
*Reset Hit Counter - Resets the hit counter if you set to yes.

Important Note:
By default this plugin conforms with IFABC Global Web Standards in defining what counts as a unique user, should you use unique users. This plugins uses a cookie matched with IP to determine uniqueness over a period of 30days, the minimum required amount. Should you change the number of required days to below 30 or turn off unique users, this plugin will no longer be in holding with unique user standards and thus will not be an accurate indicator of your website's audience or reach. IFABC defines uniqueness as follows:

Unique User (industry audit definition): According to IFABC Global Web Standards ( a Unique User is an "IP address plus a further identifier. Sites may use User Agent, Cookie and/or Registration ID." Note that where users are allocated IP addresses dynamically (for example by dial-up Internet Service Providers), this definition may overstate or understate the real number of individual Users concerned. A Unique User is at a minimum an IP address + the Browser ID with a unique address entering a website by any page and is counted once for the given period (the minimum audit period is one calendar month). The number of Unique Users is an indicator of a website's audience or reach.
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