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Hide thread ratings

Hide all thread ratings with a single click.

Version: 1.0
Author: Goof
Submitted: 17th March 2012
Last Updated: 18th April 2012
Will hide the rating system for all threads. There is already an option to hide ratings for single forums. However if your forum is big, here is an easy one-click option.

For hiding for a single forum:
Forums & Posts » options (under controls, for each forums) » Edit forum » Miscellaneous Options » Uncheck "Yes, allow threads to be rated"

Plugin will alter a few db tables, and then reload forum cache.

Hide by clicking activate on the plugin.
Show by clicking deactivate on the plugin.

unzip and move hidethreadratings.php to your plugin folder (<forums>/inc/plugins/).

Deactivate first in admin cp then delete hidethreadratings.php.

Won't disable ratings for future forums. If you create a new forum, you'd have to deactivate and activate the script again. If the demand is big enough, I might change it so you can decide if you want your current or all future forums to hide ratings.
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