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# 1.2 gZe # ★ Style-Darkblue ★ CSS3 Addons

A nice Design for a Forum :)

Version: 1.2.0
Author: Peda
Submitted: 12th January 2012
Last Updated: 25th January 2014
I hope you like the Theme :)
If i get a positive Feedback I maybe would upload more Themes ;)

What you are not allowed to do:
- Remove The Copyright
- Claim The Work As Your Own
- Sell it to make a profit

What you are allowed to do:
- Re release it elsewhere
- Edit the theme to suit your self
- Edit the images
- Edit the stylesheet to fit your comfort.

-Download the Theme
-upload the "style" folder into the "images" folder
-upload the .xml file in your admin panel in the menü point "theme import"

If you know something i could make better in the theme, please write it in a review, or on personal message in

You can find a Live Theme when you go on on bottom left, you can change to gze-style dark ;)

Hope you enjoy.
Previews:Preview Image 4768 Preview Image 6985 Preview Image 6986