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Adds [gloss] for linguistic markup

Version: 1.0 beta
Author: rohkea
Submitted: 7th January 2013
Last Updated: 9th January 2013
Allows to add glossed text via the following markup:
[gloss]word{gloss} word{gloss} word{gloss}[/gloss].

Some highlights of this module:
* Useful for linguistic discussions.
* The code is easy to input.
* Can be used for Chinese and Japanese text to add romanisation or furigana.
* Can be used for glosses according Leipzig glossing rules.
* Can be easily styled with CSS.

Glosses follow the word and are enclosed in {} brackets. If glossed word itself contains spaces, it should be wrapped in double backticks, e.g.:
[gloss]``Word with spaces``{gloss for it}[/gloss]

Gloss code can accept arguments, like this:
[gloss size=x-large nospaces]我{ngo5} 愛{oi3} 一{jat1} 個{go3} 人{jan4}[/gloss]

The following arguments are supported by default:
* nospaces — ignore spaces in the main text (for Japanese and Chinese),
* above — display gloss above the text, not below,
* i — make text italicised,
* rtl — change text flow to right-to-left,
* size=xx-small, ... size=xx-large — change font size.

All other arguments are converted to class, so can be styled via CSS. All non-latin and non-digits are changed to -, and gloss- is prepended. So, [gloss pokemon=slowpoke] will get a gloss-pokemon-slowpoke class — just style it with CSS if you need it!
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