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Game Section

The Game Section is a powerful mod for games on MyBB.

Version: 1.2.4
Author: Paretje
Submitted: 24th March 2007
Last Updated: 7th January 2014
This mod is a powerful system for MyBB to play games and add your scores. You can view statistics, highest scores, edit settings, ...

More information + support

New Game Section install:
Upgrade from 1.2.2:

The statistics
Preview Image 1841

The tournaments, search bar and games
Preview Image 1842

Who's online
Preview Image 1843

Play game
Preview Image 1844

Preview Image 1845

User statistics
Preview Image 1846

Preview Image 1847

Last Champions
Preview Image 1848

Tournaments overview
Preview Image 1849

Preview Image 1850

Games overview (ACP)
Preview Image 1851

Add Game (Tar) (ACP)
Preview Image 1853

Gamedata (ACP)
Preview Image 1852