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G3 is a dark blue theme that's great for gaming communities.

Version: 1
Author: Forum Source
Submitted: 29th August 2011
Last Updated: 22nd September 2011
The G3 theme was heavily inspired by the Photoshop Bliss IV theme and was originally intended to be a theme sold to one of my clients. After some minor arguments and what not, I decided to simply release it for free since I didn't need it anymore. Yes, that means this client could simply download it for free and make away like a bandit, but then he won't be the only one with this theme, so it's okay! The G3 has a dark and sleek look for gaming websites, but could be used on any type of forum.


What you can do:
1. Edit this theme to your liking
2. Download this theme for free
3. Use this theme on any of your sites

What you cannot do:
1. Redistribute this theme
2. Remove the theme copyright (unless you have paid $5)

For more information on copyright removal, please send me a private message on

Installation Guide:
1. Extract the contents of the .zip archive.
2. Upload the images folder to your forum's root directory.
3. Import the .xml file via the ACP - Templates & Styles tab.
4. Enjoy the theme and say thanks!
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